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NGV Solutions Investment Information

NGV Solutions, originally a Silicon Valley-based start-up, completed, field-tested, and certified its  Natural Gas fueling station for vehicles in Santa Cruz.  The station could produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) using feedstock from existing utility company pipelines or biogas resources and dispenses the finished product on-site. This enabling technology could produce the daily requirements for natural gas fuel for vehicles, most particularly fleet vehicles, where and when it was needed in an extremely small footprint.  By producing LNG onsite, trucking costs are eliminated, the fueling area at the site is minimized since there are no tanker truck deliveries, and fuel is not lost to the atmosphere during distribution, fueling, and storage pressure venting.

NGV Solutions is further facilitating the fleet marketplace by converting virtually any vehicle to use natural gas by changing its fuel distribution, on-board computer systems, fuel tank, and in some cases replacing heads and other components on diesel engines to work with natural gas.  Depending on the specific vehicle, the resulting conversion may enable the vehicle to operate with LNG, CNG, or a combination of gasoline or diesel and CNG or LNG.  


The principals at NGV Solutions entered the perfect storm at the turn of the 21st Century with a weak economy and regulations that did not favor this new opportunity.  Since then, new exploration technology and gas production techniques have given suppliers access to a tremendous volume of low-cost natural gas.  USNGV is now located in Oregon with a favorable business environment and is on its way to wean U.S. commercial fleets from gasoline and diesel fuels.  Founder Raymon Tate predicts that “Ten years from now we will have been responsible for converting 25% of America’s diesel fleets to LNG and have made a sizeable impact on marine and train shipping.”

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