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Fleet Operator Advantages

Fleet operators across America are beginning to depend more and more on a wide variety of vehicles powered by natural gas that are both economical and clean-burning.  Natural gas vehicles use proven, reliable technology to take advantage of our country’s abundant, low-cost natural gas reserves.  And USNGV has patented technology that will allow any fleet operator to make and dispense Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) into their vehicles — right on their own property.



Natural gas vehicles enjoy significant economic advantages over diesel and gasoline vehicles — and the positive economics of natural gas vehicles are here to stay.  The commodity price for natural gas makes up a relatively small portion of the price for LNG at the pump.


Environmental Benefits:

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning commercially-available alternative fuel today and its use as a transportation fuel is improving the air quality and the health of communities across the country.  Natural gas vehicles significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other smog-producing emissions when compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles.  One of the primary justifications for a fleet operator to pursue alternative fuel vehicle technology is the opportunity to decrease their environmentally harmful emissions.  This is also becoming more important for a company’s image in their marketplace, as how “green” they are impacts their attractiveness to potential customers.


Vehicle Conversions: 

There are many technologies available for converting vehicles to run on natural gas.  In addition to converting to a single-fuel solution, it is also possible to employ dual-fuel technologies if the vehicle in question can accommodate both fuel tanks.


If some or all of a fleet’s vehicles need to be converted to natural gas, USNGV will choose the right conversion kit to match the fleet’s requirements.  Our expert vehicle specialists will install these kits free of charge so that the organization may take full advantage of the benefits of LNG immediately.  We will work with local mechanics or your own mechanics to train them to install and maintain the conversion.  Warranty issues with the original vehicle manufacturer are usually not a problem and there are precedent rulings in support of after-market modifications in the vehicle manufacturing industry.


AG&T will choose the right vehicle conversion kits to match your fleet’s requirements.  Our expert vehicle specialists will install these kits free of charge so that your organization may take full advantage of the benefits of LNG immediately.


Your Next Step:

USNGV would be happy to determine if a fleet could benefit from converting their vehicles to LNG.  We would first ask for some general information to pre-qualify the fleet.  A positive review would then trigger a site visit for a comprehensive fleet analysis.  This analysis will focus on the fleet’s vehicles, their operation activities, potential fuel use, maintenance methods, conversion concerns, possible station location, and current fuel costs.  Our resulting assessment will determine the value of LNG operation to the fleet and to USNGV.  Once completed, the fleet analysis would be shared with fleet management.


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